Grovemade Desk Shelf (Medium) Review

As you may know from reading this blog, my desk is a sacred space. It’s grown from the corner of a bedroom to a two-desk setup, with one that stands, podcasting equipment, a desktop PC and multiple monitors.

It’s the cornerstone of my day-to-day work with Dexerto, as well as where I run my small business from. That means that I try and keep it free of unnecessary clutter – if I need something, it’s there. If I don’t, it’s not.

With that said, the “desk tidy” I picked up from Amazon years ago, as reliable as it is, always felt a little like a weak link — not as sturdy as the rest of the setup, and lacking in flair.

Grovemade Shelf with contents displayed

Step forward Grovemade, a company I’ve long admired from afar, who offered to send me one of their new medium desk shelves.

I asked for the walnut option, and it really does add a touch of class to my setup. Despite only being the “medium” sized option, it holds the dock for my Mac, my audio interface, and then has my Ultrawide monitor on top.

I have to admit, I was slightly concerned when I first unboxed the Grovemade shelf since it was SO easy to put together I felt certain it wouldn’t hold everything I needed.

And yet, it’s sturdy enough to go up and down with my desk every day. No tools required — just slide the middle shelf in between the two end pieces, and then pop the main wooden piece on top (you know it’s easy when even I can manage it).

The only small nitpick I have is cables have to be put through the rear corners since the shelf has a “back” on it. It’s no real drama for me, but did require a little bit of fandangling.

All in all, though, I adore it. Having a sheer black desk means I’m often looking for ways to add a slither of colour, either by sneaking an action figure on there or having my iPad as a status board (more on that soon). The Grovemade shelf adds a little more colour and, as I said earlier, a touch of class to an otherwise pretty monochromatic workspace.