My Gaming Setup – Updated 18/11/20

What’s up, folks?

I’m sat watching The Mandalorian, and realised I needed to update my current gaming setup – so here we are.

Xbox Series X

Since I reviewed it, I’ve been playing the Series X constantly.

Whatever I throw at it, be it Xbox Series X enhanced titles, Xbox One games, or backward compatible classics, it just keeps going and barely makes a sound.

I have it connected up to my AOC 34-inch Ultrawide monitor and my RIG 700 Headset, as well as a 4TB hard drive for external game installs.

PlayStation 5

At the time of writing this, I’m waiting for my PS5 to arrive in the next few hours and cannot wait.

It’ll be living in the lounge, connected up to my PSVR headset.

Nintendo Switch

Whisper it, but I think the Switch might be one of my all-time favourite consoles. Despite being underpowered in comparison to the alternatives, I find myself coming back to it always.

My Switch was picked up close to launch and is the standard grey colour – no modded joy-cons, at least yet. Inside, it has a 256GB micro SD card which I’m likely to add to in the near future – games only seem to be getting bigger.

I also use the Pro Controller, and it’s arguably the only essential peripheral you need on Switch.

The Switch is now in the bedroom, while I gave Frankie my bright yellow Switch Lite.

Xbox One

Despite getting the Series X, my Xbox One is still our main “media box” under the TV.

Turning it on switches our soundbar on and the TV, which makes it ideal (although now that Jackson likes to press it, it’s been more annoying than anything else).

Still, it’s a 4K Blu-Ray drive, and will likely move to the bedroom when we move.


My main TV is a 55 inch LG that I picked up on Black Friday a few years ago, and it’s been perfect. It’s 4K, I have it mounted on the wall, and it has enough HDMI ports for all three consoles and our Sky Q box.

My secondary TV is a 48 inch Sony TV we keep in our bedroom. It’s over five years old, but still going strong. I also have a PS3 Super Slim connected to it for Blu-Ray and media server purposes. Pour one out for the PlayStation Vita in a drawer somewhere.


As you may have read, I now have a gaming PC. Here’s what we’re rocking for games.

Processor: AMD 3900x 12 core CPU

Motherboard: MSI x570 Motherboard


Graphics Card: RTX 2070 Super Graphics 8GB

OS Storage: 500GB M2 SSD

General Storage: 1TB M2 SSD

Case: Phanteks P300 Tempered Glass Case

Power: 650W Modular PSU

I use the same monitor as I use for my Xbox Series X, as well.

There you have it, and I’ll be back soon to go over my home office setup.

Big love!