Mujjo Envoy Laptop Sleeve Review

If you’ve ever wanted to take your laptop into a meeting with a touch of class, Mujjo’s latest laptop sleeve let’s you do just that.

While the company is partnered with backpack manufacturer Troubadour, sometimes you just want to lug a laptop from one room to another – and for that, there’s the Envoy laptop sleeve.

Capable of holding up to a 16-inch laptop (I’ve got my MacBook Pro safely tucked inside), the Envoy sleeve is as protective on the inside as it is nice to look at on the outside.

Mujjo Envoy Laptop Sleeve showing the laptop inside
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Available in Black or Navy colourways (our review unit is the Black version), it’s mad of vegan leather that’s waterproof. That’s ideal if you’re caught in a light shower, but naturally I’m hesitant to test it in a larger downpour!

You know when you’re in a meeting and someone arrives late, and their zip just feels almost extra loud because of the lack of sound in the room? Ok, that’s been me on a few occasions, but not anymore – there’s no noisy zip at all. Instead, the sleeve opens and closes with magnets within the leather, meaning you can slip it out and onto your meeting table without drawing attention to the fact you’re late.

If you’re worried that might mean the laptop will fall out, you’d be wrong. The magnets are secure enough to hold themselves together, although I’d still avoid holding it upside down – especially if you’re using the side pockets.

Mujjo Envoy Laptop Sleeve with items in the side pockets.

The side pockets are a great addition, too. All too often a laptop sleeve leaves no room for essentials like a charger or plug, simply holding the laptop and nothing else.

The Mujjo Envoy Laptop Sleeve bucks that trend with a slimline pocket that can fit some paperwork or your phone, while on the other side, there are deeper pockets to hold key items like your phone, charger, laptop charger, and anything else you may need. Just keep it the right way up!

Those pockets remain vegan leather, meaning the whole construction looks great and has that touch of class we mentioned earlier.

There’s one more surprise, too; a sneaky charging port tucked into one side of the opening. Sadly, it’s not quite in the right spot for my MacBook Pro, but if it’s in the right spot for your machine you’ll find it super helpful for charging while it’s on a desk.

Mujjo Envoy Laptop case charging port

The Mujjo Envoy laptop sleeve is gorgeous, protective, and practical. You can get one for yourself at Mujjo’s site for £95.

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