Why I blog using Drafts

What’s up folks? You almost got a week without a blog post, but the streak continues – we’re at five weeks in a row, despite a whole host of freelance work, my job at Dexerto and, yes, the podcast!

I’ve been writing more about apps recently, but there’s one I wanted to highlight because (surprise!) I’m actually using it to write this very blog post, on my phone, while watching TV.

That app is Drafts, and I’ve been using it for a while as my note-taking app. It’s got a nifty menu bar icon on macOS to be able to jot things down, and opening the app defaults to a blank page.

So, why am I typing out this entire article on my phone? As it turns out, Drafts is now the perfect way for me to write all of my content, whether it’s for the blog or for my work.

Drafts screenshot
Drafts is a simple but powerful text editor.

Why? Because Drafts, as an app, is essentially a blank canvas. I can write in various text formats, complete with formatting, links, and plenty more. I can sync it across all platforms, and know that it looks as basic as possible. What I see is the purest distillation of my thoughts on paper as is possible – and that’s impressive when even the likes of Google Docs have formatting options galore.

It’s a utilitarian approach, and yet there’s something I love about that. Perhaps even better, Drafts will let me share my text in a variety of ways. I can fire stuff over to a million different apps, or export into HTML to copy into WordPress.

There is a WordPress option, but my 2FA security won’t play nicely with it.

So, what does all this mean? It means when I open a new document, I can start typing in markdown and get the content flung straight onto my site (or even Dexerto’s). It’s a perfect way of minimising distractions, and I adore it.

Anyway, there are a million ways to use Drafts, but that’s my experience with it – and why it’s my favourite app to use for text.

I’ll be back next week with another blog, but stay safe!