Mujjo 16-inch MacBook Pro Sleeve Review

The MacBook Pro really hasn’t had much of a design shift in a long, long time. It’s still that same slab of aluminium, and there’s a reason for that – it’s become, in its own way, pretty iconic.

While we don’t get the light-up Apple logo anymore (boo), MacBook Pro’s have a certain chic to them that can make it hard to match it with the right case – trust me, I’ve tried.

From sleeves that are just plain… well, plain, to snap-on plastic monstrosities, there are so many options for a MacBook Pro case – but the decision just got a whole lot easier.

Enter Mujjo, who contacted me with the opportunity to test out their latest 16-inch MBP case in black.

It’s fair to say it’s a looker.

Mujjo MacBook Pro sleeve review
Mujjo’s felt and leather design looks great and feels even better

This leather and felt sleeve is gorgeous to look at, and somehow even nicer to hold. The leather ‘flap’ attaches to the felt ‘body’ with a nifty little button, and while you may think that would make it easy to open accidentally, it’s pretty robust – although we’d still keep your laptop the right way up, just to be safe.

It’s got more than good looks, too – the Mujjo sleeve is water-repellent (so a light shower or a bit of drizzle won’t see you sheltering indoors), and while your laptop is inside you won’t have to worry about scratches – it lines perfectly with the internal felt.

Mujjo MacBook Pro sleeve review
The Mujjo sleeve hits a fine balance between being too easy to slide a laptop out of, and providing just enough of a snug fit

This sleeve is also great for the MacBook Pro 15-inch, but with my current 2019 model it felt snug, but not too tight. I didn’t feel like it took a significant effort to slide the laptop out, nor did it feel too easy. It’s a tough balance to call, but Mujjo nailed it.

Perhaps my favourite thing, though, is that alongside the MacBook, I can slip my iPad Pro in the second pocket. It gets a little bulky when adding the magic keyboard, of course, but if you’re looking for a way to carry both a laptop and a tablet at once, you can’t go wrong.

Mujjo MacBook Pro sleeve review
Mujjo’s case may not match my Destiny sticker’s aesthetic.

There’s even a small slot for smaller items, meaning if you’re heading to a meeting and need an SD card, your ID, or even a bank card, they can be within reach. While client meetings are somewhat a thing of the past now, I tried to pack my own mobile working setup into the sleeve.

What I found was that it could hold my iPad, my MacBook Pro, my USB-C dock, USB sticks, and a charger – although the latter is a bit bulky.

Wherever you take it, though, the Mujjo just looks, well, like it was meant  to hold a £2000 laptop. It’s got so much class, that it even makes my laptop’s Destiny sticker look a little cooler.

If you’re serious about not just protecting your MacBook, but showing it off a little, too, then you should give it a look.

The Mujjo 16-inch MacBook Pro sleeve retails for £69.90 via Mujjo in black or tan.

The product in this review was provided for coverage purposes.