Llama Life Could Be The Productivity Tweak Your To-Do List Needs

If you’ve ever looked at your to-do list and felt that slow, creeping feeling of “how on Earth will I get through this in one day”, then Llama Life might be worth a look.

This web-based app turns your to-do list into a manageable series of smaller, bite-sized tasks. It pulls focus from the tasks you have lined up for the rest of the day, and places it squarely on the here and now, and you know what? It works.

Llama Life Could Be The Productivity Tweak Your To-Do List Needs

I’ve been using Llama Life for bundles of smaller tasks that it doesn’t make sense to put into a task manager like Things or Sorted.

Need to edit a bundle of stories from my team? I add it to Llama Life, set the durations, and get to work. Doing so allows for a nifty “ding” when it’s time to move on.

While Things and Sorted are native macOS and iOS apps, Llama Life exists in a browser window. While that may put some people off, it also means it’s available on whichever computer you use.

It’s more than just a gentle prompt, too. There are a series of soundscapes to help focus (the one simply labelled “wind” is my jam), but you can also generate reports to know which tasks are taking the most time in your day.

You can also group tasks together for set times of day. For example, I can get the “morning” tasks to appear with a single click.

While entries default to 25 minutes, timings are entirely custom – and you can simply add a number at the end of a new task to add a duration. So “edit articles 15” becomes a fifteen minute task for editing articles.

If you’re looking for something to try, you can get a free trial for seven days at llamalife.co. After that, you can start a $3.99 membership or $29.99 for a year.

Llama Life provided access for coverage purposes