Thoughts On A 16-Inch M1 MacBook Pro

Hey everyone, happy Sunday night. I used to dread Sundays not all that long ago, and while work can still be stressful, I literally have my dream job and work from a converted garage – I’m certainly very lucky.

Anyway, in the last couple of weeks I’ve barely used my MacBook Pro. I bought it last year, but now that I’m not working remotely I find myself using the Windows PC more. I’d been using it docked, hooked up to screen, but now I find myself just jumping onto the PC.

Each has its advantages; the MacBook is home to my favourite apps, like Things and Fantastical, while it also has access to my messages and a way better email app. On the other hand, the PC is ridiculously fast, and it’s great being able to jump into a quick game of something on my lunch break or when I’m grabbing screenshots for work.

It’s got me thinking, though – would I buy a 16-inch M1 MacBook Pro? It’s hard to say.

My MacBook Pro likely has a sizeable trade-in value, but while it’s clear the M1 chip is light-years ahead of its Intel-based predecessors, I never feel like my current model is lacking for grunt, despite being the base model.

I’d like to get faster start-up times, but I also have the iPad Pro for ‘quick’ writing tasks. The battery life would be better, but I’m never too far from a power outlet. Sure, a brighter display would be nice, but I’m usually using my laptop docked, anyway.

The only real positive for me, off the top of my head, is the fan-less design. My main issue with my current laptop is its willingness to spin up the fans when using something like GarageBand to record voice-over audio. An almost-silent laptop sounds like a dream in that regard.

I also wonder if a new M1 16-inch MacBook would keep the much-maligned Touch Bar. When I’m not using the laptop with an external monitor, I find myself using it constantly. With BetterTouchTool it’s a great way to keep app info available – like next calendar appointments, to-do list items, and more.

Time will tell if the 16-inch M1 MacBook Pro is even a thing, but at present, it’ll take a lot to convince me to upgrade. Between my laptop’s keyboard, Touch Bar, big display, and multiple USB-C ports, I’m in a pretty good place – even if I’m not using it as much as I’d like.