It’s Coming Home, Possibly

Hey all, just a quick blog tonight while Frankie is watching Love Island.

Firstly, what a match for England last night. Excited for Saturday for the Ukraine match, and was really impressed by every player – particularly Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka. I think he’s going to be huge for us next season, and I’m glad this tournament is helping people switch on to his talents.

Less impressed by the photo of the young German fan crying in the stands being shared around social media. If you’ve been to a match, it’s gutting when your team loses, and she looks like six years old. Calm down, folks.

We had our belated Christmas at the weekend (June-Mas), and it was really special. It was the first one without Grandad Roy, but we all had a lovely time.

Elsewhere, I’ve been laid low by flu-like symptoms. We took COVID tests, and they came back negative, but I can’t remember the last time we were this poorly in our household. It’s a particularly big bummer at the moment as I’ve finally signed up to my new local gym, so am desperate to get cracking. Just a few days to go, I reckon.

Oh, and my words were in the paper again, so that was nice.


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Finally, it was four years ago today that I ‘Super Liked’ Francesca on Tinder, and here we are with a perfect little boy, a house, and a cat. She didn’t respond for several days (she’s busy, y’know), but it’s crazy to think that an app set us on this path. It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve loved it.