My Last Friday Night In Southend

I moved to Southend-On-Sea in 2012, aged 22. Next week, I’m moving out of the area for the first time since.

In the years between, I’ve run so many miles along the seafront. I’ve spent so many hours in traffic getting into and out of the town.
I’ve met some wonderful people, and some that were… a little harder to love.
I worked a job I could’ve stayed at for the rest of my life, and took a leap of faith to leave – with mixed results.

Southend is the place where we found out we were having a baby, and where we bought him home.
It was both of my grandads’ favourite place, and where I bought my first home.
It was here I stopped a shoplifter, fixed my finances, and wrote for some of the biggest websites in the world.
It’s where I played my favourite gigs, and made so many memories.

It’s weird how many memories a town can hold, I guess is the point I’m trying to make. I can’t believe I get to take my family to our new house next week, but despite its quirks, there’s a part of me that’ll always miss Southend.