Marching On

What’s up, folks? Welcome to March!

I hope you’re all keeping well and continuing to stay safe. The last few weeks have been where lockdown finally hit me. Of course, I’ve been gutted to not see my friends, my family, or even go for a social drink with my colleagues, but I think with it now being a year since we went into lockdown, it finally hit me that we’re not going to be out of this anytime soon.

I’m currently working on a long-form piece for the blog (currently halfway through at 1000 words), but I just fancied a ramble, so here I am.

I’ve now been Gfinity’s editor for almost a month, and it still hasn’t sunk in yet. We’re building a really cool team, Avengers-style, and behind the scenes, we have some big changes happening to make the site something we can be proud of and something that people want to visit.

Elsewhere, we’re now so close to moving house, which is really exciting stuff. Frank and I have been working towards buying a house together since before Jackson was born, but the fact we’re theoretically weeks away (and only one or two weeks at that, with any luck), is really exciting.

Oh, and in other fun news, I’ve been shifting my lockdown weight pretty consistently over the last fortnight. Considering I’ve not had access to a gym, and I’m having to run with a knee support on, I’m pretty chuffed to say that I fit in my jeans again… not that we’re really going to be wearing anything other than joggers anytime soon, let’s be honest.

So, just a quick post today. I don’t doubt that we’ll have a house tour post up once we complete our move, so keep an eye out for that.

Big love,



Been slacking on these recently, apologies. Here’s a bucketload:


Schitt’s Creek is now one of my favourite TV shows ever. It’s a comedy that’s not just about the laughs. It’s heartfelt, life-affirming, and just incredibly endearing, with a perfect cast that we adore. It’s on Netflix.

Marvel’s WandaVision was something I wanted to watch more because its part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe than anything else, and yet I was hooked after the first episode. We blitzed the season in a few sittings, and if you’re into superheroes or just genuinely bizarre, Twilight Zone-style mysteries, I recommend it. It’s on Disney Plus.

Side note, Disney Plus just added Star, so if you’re already paying for it, you now have a wealth of extra content (although there is a price hike to go with it).


Architects’ latest album, For Those That Wish To Exist, is fantastic stuff. It’s softer in places, but still has the same edge you’d expect from arguably the UK’s best metalcore band. Here’s one of my favourite tracks:

Unfortunately, A Day To Remember, a band I’d long considered one of my favourites in the world, really dropped the ball with their latest album You’re Welcome. The pop songs are earworms, sure, but it’s all so vapid. The “heavier” songs feel like a band trying too hard, too, and outside of a couple of tracks I can’t see too much that’s going to keep me coming back.