Ekster Parliament Wallet Review

When was the last time you upgraded your wallet? Mine was a birthday present from several years ago, and had started to fall apart.

I don’t tend to carry cash (and in current circumstances, a lot of shops prefer card payments) and while I use Apple Pay for the most part, it’s handy to carry multiple debit cards and my driver’s licence.

Enter this nifty Parliament wallet from Ekster. The company hit me up about checking it out, and I’m so glad I did.

It’s simple – it holds my cards, and a quick squeeze of the small mechanism at the bottom fans them out for easy access. It’s made from a gorgeous leather, too, while the aluminium case on the side prevents skimming from card readers, too.

Within the “flap” (bound to the main bulk of the wallet by a strap that allows for cash to be held, if that’s your preference), there’s space to pop one of Ekster’s tracking cards. Powered by Chipolo, it allows tracking of the wallet, as well as the option to ring it to ensure it can be found. Considering how much Jackson likes to put things in the strangest of places at the moment, it’s a godsend.

If you’re looking for a wallet for a loved one this Christmas, or want to treat yourself to an upgrade, you can find the Parliament at ekster.com.

Product provided for coverage purposes