Back It On Up!

What’s up, folks? Again, had planned to put this blog together last week, but things have been crazy.

With my entire working life stored on a laptop, backups are an absolute necessity. Over the last few years, I’ve been running things from a Western Digital NAS drive that I’ve had for the best part of a decade, but it’s finally starting to get less reliable.

So, I’ve moved my backups to a combination of iCloud and Backblaze.

iCloud Drive

In truth, I’ve been using iCloud Drive as a backup of a backup for a couple of years (backup-ception?), and I’ve been surprised by how robust it is, with 200GB for £2.49 per month.

All of my documents, from pieces I’ve written, to invoices, and my planner for content is stored in the cloud, meaning I can access it from any device.

All of my photos are stored there as soon as they’re taken, and my phone and iPad are backed up there too.

For such a small investment, it’s ideal a no-brainer.


A cloud-based solution that I’ve heard plenty of good things about, Backblaze is like having your own Time Machine backup without needing a local drive.

The app runs in the background on my MacBook Pro and sits in the menu bar, and runs a constant backup of the computer to the cloud. If I spilled something on my laptop, for example, I’d be able to recover everything, right down to individual files.

It costs a little more ($6 per month), but if things went really wrong, I can pay to have a hard drive of my files sent to me.

Having two backup services may seem a bit like overkill, but if I was to lose my work, I’d be kind of, well, screwed.

Thanks for reading, folks!