Welcome To Autumn!

How’s it going, folks? Back again with a quick life update – you’d be surprised how popular they seem to be.

It’s October, which seems mad, and I’d ask “where this year has gone”, but the answer is pretty obvious and the world somewhat stood still.

I adore Autumn, and with Jackson now a very capable walker, I get to take photos like these.

You may have noted that the blog has been a little quiet after a flurry in recent months, but things are crazy busy at Gfinity as we hit milestone after milestone.

Then there’s our personal lives, and Frankie and I have had an offer accepted on a house! We still need to find a buyer for the flat, but we’ve got everything crossed for a smooth process.

Having worked two jobs for the better part of three years, I’d give anything to get somewhere we can grow into.

So, between working, running the freelance side of things, returning to the gym, making new music with Counties and spending evenings and weekends with my little family, it’s been crazy busy.

Expect a blog or two this week, in any case!

Thanks for reading, wish us luck!


**The Boys
– We’ve been watching Amazon’s superhero show over the last few weeks, and it’s incredible. Violent, sweary, and satirical, it’s equal parts comical and disturbing at times.