What I Want To See In The iPhone 12

My friend Daryl sent a message in a Slack chat full of Apple fans and content creators the other day asking about whether we’d be upgrading to the new iPhone when it inevitably launches later this year.

In my ways, the iPhone 11 Pro Max I have now is my ideal phone. It’s the first iPhone I ever preordered, and replaced my previous device, the iPhone X.

It’s got an OLED-display with a decent size to it, an excellent camera, and it’s the first iPhone I’ve used that offers what I could honestly describe as “all-day battery life”.

It’s also more than a phone for me, it’s the computer I use the most. From my phone I share clips of my son with family, watch YouTube videos in bed (when the iPad is charging!), and, of course, keep up with multitudes of text conversations.

Then there’s the work side of things. First thing in the morning, I use my phone to run through my to-dos and respond to any Slack or emails. It’s also usually the last device I use before going to bed, so it’s an investment.

As a technology journalist, there’s a very good chance I’ll end up investing in an iPhone 12 regardless of what it offers, but I’ve still got a couple of requests for whatever comes next.

  • Give us 5G

It feels like a long time coming, but it seems this year should be the year 5G iPhones arrive. While it doesn’t necessarily affect me yet (Southend’s coverage as things stand is spotty at best for 5G), it’ll be good to future-proof the iPhone.

  • Nix the Notch

Sure, the iPhone X was a great looking phone, but the “notch” at the top of the display remains divisive at best. So many Android phones now offer a “hole punch” front-facing camera or even just a smaller notch that it feels Apple has been overtaken in that regard.

  • Stop Being Stingy With Storage

It’s crazy that in the year 2020, a £1000 phone can come with a measly 64GB of storage. I’ve long since given up hope of Apple allowing expandable storage like a MicroSD card slot, but with the iPad Pro 2020 having its base storage bumped up to 128GB, I’m hopeful that we’ll get the same for the iPhone.

  • Even More Screen

Ok, this one looks to have been confirmed by some early leaks, but as an iPhone user with big hands, I’ll always gravitate towards devices with larger displays. The 6.5-inch display of the 11 Pro Max is great, but even the rumoured marginal bump to 6.7-inch would be a boost for me, especially with iOS 14’s “picture-in-picture” and widgets.

Those are just a few suggestions that would fix any niggling issues I have with the iPhone, but in fairness, if Apple takes a year off, I’d be more than happy to stick with my current handset.

What are you hoping for? Let me know on Twitter @lloydcoombes.

Thanks for reading!