A Life Update

What’s happening, folks? Before I go any further, I want to say that if you’re reading this then I hope you have stayed safe in these uncertain times.

On Saturday, Frankie and I celebrated three years together, which is bloody mad. How can anyone put up with me that long? We were able to spend time with friends we haven’t been able to see for ages, eat some great food, and just generally have the best time.


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Three years ago, I met the woman that changed everything. Happy anniversary beautiful, I love you more everyday. ❤️

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The last week has been a bit of a blur, but I have some cool news. If you missed it on Twitter, I got a new job. As of this week, I’m the deputy editor of Gfinity.net.


Ever since I began working for the organisation on a contractor basis, I’ve felt supported and trusted. The team there have respected my own creative voice and intentions, and it’s been an absolute pleasure working there.

To all of a sudden be made a deputy editor of a site with over 20 million monthly viewers is, of course, a big step, but I’m incredibly proud of this opportunity and cannot wait to help the site (and the brand) grow even more in the coming months.

So yeah, a short update today but an incredibly exciting one. It’s very important to state that, despite the role, I am still freelancing elsewhere (within reason). This was a crucial point for me when accepting the role, as I continue to grow the business to support my family.

Onwards and upwards!



Shameless Plug – My Twitch Channel

Oh, I almost forgot – I’ve been streaming video games every now and again. In fact, I’m streaming Warzone tonight, so be sure to check in!

Find me streaming here.

Game – Escape From Tarkov

A couple of friends recommended this hardcore, survival-shooter/RPG/MMO to me, and I actually kind of love it. It’s unforgiving, but at the time of writing, I went on a raid with my buddy Jake at lunch and escaped with some pretty decent gear (which probably means I’ll take a bullet to the head in the next run).