Happy Birthday Jackson (A Year of Fatherhood In Pictures and Videos)

How has it been a year already?

365 days ago, I held you in my arms for the first time. Since then I’ve held you thousands of times, but the novelty still hasn’t worn off.

Sometime after, I saw you smile for the first time. At first, it was just gas, but now you beam at me every day as though you recognise how loved you are.

Then, you laughed for the first time. You giggled for a split second, and now you’ll laugh for minutes on end as Mummy and Daddy pull funny faces.

It felt like an eternity waiting for your first word, but then you said “Mama” and now we hear it every day. Even when you’re shouting it, it’s still the sweetest sound.

Not long after, you were crawling. You were so unsure at first, and now we can’t leave you for a minute, you cheeky rascal.

You’re almost standing by yourself now, and we’re pretty sure you said “Daddy” the other day but you’re making us work for a repeat performance. I loved you before I met you, and I’ve loved you more on every day since.

We wish more people could’ve cuddled you on your birthday, but we’re doing our best to keep you safe. One day, we’ll tell you all about 2020, the year the world stopped. One day, we’ll watch documentaries about it and I’ll tell you how we kept you safe and sound, wrapped in a bubble of love in our little two-bedroom apartment by the sea.

One day, we’ll play football in the park and I’ll take you into the city to visit landmarks like I did with my Dad. We’ll stay up late at weekends playing games and go to the cinema every chance we get to watch superhero movies.

That’s all in good time, son. For now, after 365 days, you’re my everything. I can scarcely remember my life before you, and I’m so thankful you’re in it now. You light up mine and your mother’s lives immeasurably, and we are truly lucky.

We love you, little bear.

Daddy x