A Big Change

Hello everyone,

I know it’s been a little while since I checked in – things have been busy. Between parenting and trying to get some quality time in with my partner, any free time I’ve had I’ve spent working.

Which brings me to work, and some exciting news many will already know about. Yesterday was my final day at Southend-On-Sea Borough Council, and next week I begin my first full-time position as a writer.

After blogging for about seven years, plus writing as a freelancer for the last year and a half, it feels crazy to think I’ll be writing for Reach Plc across three national newspapers as my full-time job. Not as a hobby, not as a side-business, but an entire career. I can’t wait to get started and I’m sure I’ll be able to share more about my role as I settle in – it’s worth pointing out it’s not working in games or tech, so should offer something completely fresh for me!

I’ve been working at Southend Council since July 2012, and shifted from working in Planning, to working in Licensing, to becoming the youngest Licensing Enforcement Officer in our department – something I remain proud of to this day. I’ve worked with so many wonderful people, but when this opportunity came knocking there was no way I could turn it down.

I’ll miss the people, I’ll miss the short commute, and I’ll miss the Christmas Quiz that I’ve been lucky enough to host for two years in a row, but it means so much to me to be able to travel to London next week and start my new adventure off of the back of the hard work I’ve put in since I first registered a Google blog in 2012. 

There’s more news, too. As things slow down somewhat with regards to Counties (between us we have so much going on – but we’re not going anywhere), I’m looking to begin another chapter as a creative.

As many of you will know, I’m a talker. Most of the time, it’s very difficult to shut me up. With that in mind, I’m looking to begin my very first podcast over the next few weeks. It’s a little up in the air at the moment as I experiment with format, guests, etc etc, but I hope to have something to show very soon. 

Of course, you can keep up to date with my life of dirty nappies, videogame reviews and now, a career in journalism over @lloydcoombes on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!