First Blog!

Hey everyone!

As you may have seen, I signed off my previous blog over at for the last time earlier today.

That blog has been a part of my life for almost seven years, and gave me the confidence to begin my writing career as well as a portfolio that helped me earn some of the work I do today.

Blogging is something I’ve enjoyed a lot, but it’s been pretty scattershot. One week I’ll write about videogames, technology, mental health, fitness and relationships, and I decided that it was time for a fresh start.

With that in mind, henceforth my blog content will be found exclusively here, but I’ll be streamlining the content I offer. I write about gaming, tech and other such nerdy things at plenty of websites, so this blog here will be focused entirely on my other passions – namely fitness and wellbeing, as well as my new role as a Dad.

Ain’t He A Cutie?

Anyway, I’m still updating the site but be sure to check back soon for some of that hot original content.

Thank you for reading!